AFM Workshop

AFMWorkshop develops and manufactures innovative Atomic Force Microscopes for researchers, educators, and engineers.
Excellent training and transparent pricing complement AFMWorkshop's robust instrumentation.


All instrumentation from the AFM Workshop has an open design that allows customization of the products. Additionally, the AFM Workshop actively seeks collaborations with companies, development labs and educational institutions. Types of collaborations we seek include:

Products for Nanotechnology/AFM Instrumentation: Often in the course of research new features and options are developed. In the event that the product can be produced and sold in reasonable volumes and prices, we are interested in offering the products on our website.

Discount for development of a new product feature: There are many new features that can be added to the AFM Workshop products. We can offer a discount for products if you are able to develop a new feature. The feature can be offered for sale on our website, or shared with other customers on the Forum pages of our website.

Contribute AFM expertise for development of new products: Employees of the AFM Workshop have substantial experience with AFM design and instrumentation. We are willing to share our expertise to help you design new instrumentation or applications.

OEM and VARs: If a company needs an AFM for a product and requires an AFM platform, we can work with you in customizing our instrumentation to your product requirements. Discount on instrumentation are available for volume purchases.

Teaching: If you would like to incorporate our products into your teaching curriculum, we would be delighted to hear your ideas. We may be able to offer a discount for products that are used for teaching students about atomic force microscopes.

For additional information about collaborations, contact us.


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