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Documentation Package for TT-2 AFM

All mechanical drawings, electronic schematics, and software interface protocols are included. Available for TT-2 AFM customers only. Additional information and alternate formats also available upon request.

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Model: DO-2010

Schematics and Mechanical DrawingsAFMWorkshop Documentation Packages include all design information required to use the TT-2 AFM, NP AFM, SA AFM, or LS AFM as starting platforms for: creating new instruments; creating new options for these AFM products; and/ or for repairing these AFMs

Download TT-2 AFM Documentation Pkg Datasheet


Documentation Packages include:

  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Electronic Schematics
  • Software Interface Protocols

Source code (VI's) written in a LabVIEW™ environment are also available upon customer request.

Contents of the documentation package:


  • 1.0  Parts List
  • 2.0  Mechanical Drawings
  • 2.1  Component Drawings
  • 2.2  Assembly Drawings
  • 3.0  Schematics
  • 3.1  AFM Controller Board
  • 3.2  Photodetector Board
  • 3.3  Power Supply Board
  • 3.4  Stage Interface Board
  • 3.5  Piezo Board
  • 4.0  Cable Drawings
  • 5.0  Software Interface Protocol
  • 6.0  Hardware List



The technical information provided in the Documentation Package is intended for use by AFMWorkshop customers and may not be used for commercial purposes without the written permission of AFMWorkshop. Every attempt is made to keep the information in the Documentation Packages up to date. However, due to circumstances beyond AFMWorkshop control, there may occasionally be some discrepancy between the designs presented in Documentation Packages and the design of parts used in the TT-2 AFM, NP AFM, SA AFM or LS AFM.


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