AFM Workshop

Modes Installation and Training


Model: MO-1299

The AFMWorkshop on-site installation and training package, IT-2011 or IT-2011-Int, includes the installation of the AFM as well as training on the operation of the AFM and training on vibrating and non-vibrating topography modes. Customers purchasing additional modes packages, and wanting installation and training on those modes, will need to purchase this separate Modes Installation and Training, MO-1299.

Download Model: MO-1299 Datasheet

Modes Installation and Training Products Include:

a. MFM

(Model # MFM-01)

b. C-AFM

(Model # CA-2011)

c. Lithography

(Model # LITHO)

d. Environmental Cell

(Model # LI-2010)

e. Dunk and Scan Liquid Cell

(Model # DS-TTAFM)

f. Advanced Force/Distance Curves

(Model # ADV-FD)

Modes Installation and Training is a one day session that occurs at the end of the initial AFM Installation and Training. First, the AFM specialist installs the mode, and next the specialist provides training on the modes operation. Images and measurements are made on standard samples during modes training sessions.

MFM image and topography image

Lithography lines in PMMA surface


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