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Model: TT-AFM-Kit


TT-AFM Build Workshop

Customers in an AFMWorkshop TT-AFM Assembly workshop

The TT-AFM is offered fully assembled or in "Kit" form. AFMWorkshop encourages and promotes the "Kit" form of the TT-AFM because we believe there are several advantages to assembling your own AFM. At a minimum, you gain an intimate knowledge of AFM design and are able to fully utilize all features and benefits. Additionally, you learn to repair your AFM whenever necessary.

AFMWorkshop strongly recommends that customers purchasing a TT-AFM Kit also purchase the TT-AFM Assembly Workshop, offered several times throughout the year. Customers build and learn to operate their own AFM during this 5 day workshop. The actual TT-AFM assembly process takes about 8 hours. In the Assembly Workshop, each day begins with robust seminars on AFM theory and each afternoon involves attendees building their AFMs, running test samples and making images.

Much more detailed information about the TT-AFM, and the TT-AFM Assembly Workshop is available by clicking on the following web page links. Each page also includes downloadable datasheets:
TT-2 AFM Assembly Workshop

The TT-AFM kit does not include a scanner - customers must purchase either the 50 µm or 15 µm scanner - or both - to complete the assembly of their TT-AFM.


  • Support brackets
  • LL Mechanical components
  • Laser
  • Photodetector and electronics (assembled)
  • Stage interface electronic board (assembled)
  • Cables
  • X-Y precision stage
  • Z precision Stage
  • Covers
  • Labels
  • ** Xyz piezo stage is not included in base TT kit price - customers must purchase either the 50 µm or 15 µm scanner - or both - to complete their TT-AFM assembly


  • Power supply board (assembled)
  • Mother board (assembled)
  • USB I/O card (assembled)
  • Power cord connector
  • Cooling fan
  • LabVIEW™ AFMControl software
  • Gwyddion open source software
  • Operating manual
  • Tools
  • Video optical microscope
  • Desktop Computer, Monitor, Probes, Reference Sample

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