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AFM Workshop


ACLA AFM Probes are designed for vibrating mode (non-contact, tapping mode, intermittent contact, and/or close contact) applications. Compatible with most commercially available SPMs/AFMs, ACLA probes are nanofabricated using highly doped single crystal silicon with unparalleled reproducibility, robustness and sharpness for consistent high resolution imaging capabilities. This is a box of 10 probes.

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Model ID: ACLA-10

ACLA AFM probes are designed for vibrating mode, non-contact, tapping mode, intermittent contact, and/or close contact SPM/AFM applications. The long ACLA cantilever allows larger laser clearance. The reflex side is coated with aluminum for increased laser signal quality.

Tip Specifications

Material: Silicon
Shape: Pyramidal
Height (µm): 14-16
Aspect Ratio: 1.5-3.0
ROC* (nm): 6
Coating: None

Cantilever Specifications

Material: Silicon
Shape: Rectangular
Reflex Coating: Al, 30 nm ± 5 nm


Parameter Nominal Value Minimum Value Maximum Value
Spring Constant (N/m) 58 36 90
Frequency (kHz) 190 160 225
Length (µm) 225 215 235
Width (µm) 40 35 45
Thickness (µm) 7.8 7.3 8.3


Download: ACLA AFM Probes Datasheet


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