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AFM Bioapplications

AFMWorkshop offers training for bio applications with Atomic Force Microscopes. Includes sample preparation, measuring Force Distance, imaging in liquid air.

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Bio AFM - Atomic Force Microscopy in Biology

Two Day Training Course

Taught by Peter Eaton, Ph.D. and Paul West, Ph.D.

Signal Hill, California

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This course provides the operational concepts of an atomic force microscope as well as hands-on experience with AFMWorkshop AFMs. Morning classes cover the range of AFM bioapplications, while afternoon labs provide hands-on applications training with the TT-2 AFM as well as the LS AFM.  Attendees with all levels of AFM experience, and owners of all makes and models of AFMs, are welcome.

Biological topics covered in the course:

  • Bio AFM Sample preparation for biological experiments
  • Imaging biological samples in air and in liquid
  • Measuring Force-Distance curves for sample stiffness or intermolecular force determination

afm bioapplications workshop Atomic force microscopes (AFMs) enable advanced measurements of biological samples that are not possible with other microscopy techniques. These include measuring high resolution images of biomolecules and cells in ambient as well as in situ liquid environments. In addition to measuring images, an AFM can capture force/displacement curves that give a quantitative measurement of a specimen's stiness or of molecular interaction forces.

Location Information

Courses take place at the AFMWorkshop manufacturing facility in Signal Hill, CA. Close to Los Angeles Airport, Orange County Airport, and Long Beach Airport, Signal Hill oers a wide variety of nearby hotel accommodations. Please contact us for more information about lodging and transportation.

About the Instructors

Peter Eaton has over 15 years experience in research using Atomic Force Microscopy. He has used a wide variety of AFM instruments in research centres and universities in the UK, France, Spain, and Portugal. He has used AFM to study pharmaceutical, chemical, materials science, nanotech and biological samples and is the author of more than twenty research publications on AFM.

Paul West has over thirty years experience with the development of atomic force microscopes. He is the co-founder of several AFM companies (including AFMWorkshop), the author of numerous patents, and co-author of several publications on the design and application of atomic force microscopes. He served on the United States National Nanotechnology Initiative which resulted in the first major funding of nanotechnology research.

AFM experts Peter Eaton, Ph.D. and Paul West, Ph.D., are authors of Atomic Force Microscopy from Oxford University Press.

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