AFM Workshop

AFM Glove Box

For research requiring an inert environment AFMWorkshop offers a glove box with an elastic suspension system. Also included is a load lock chamber for the rapid introduction of samples into the glove box for AFM imaging.

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Model ID: GB-AFM

For customers that need to scan samples in an oxygen free environment, the AFM Glove box is the ideal product. This semi-custom product includes:

  • Glove box with acrylic viewing front
  • Latex gloves
  • Load lock chamber
  • Sealed wire pass through port

Structural vibrations are reduced with an elestic cord suspension system and foam on the glove box walls filter sound vibrations. This product is made from 3/4” HDPE which is durable and chemically inert. 


Note: Customers must provide a gas handling system for the AFM Glove Box. The AFM Glove box must be assembled at the customer site.


Width 36” 36”
Depth 24” 24”
Height 40” 23”
Weight 250 Lbs 100 Lbs




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