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AFMWorkshop designed these free Atomic Force Microscopy animated tutorials to help students and professionals learn AFM Technology and how an Atomic Force Microscope works. We offer multiple AFM courses and AFM training opportunities: from building your own Atomic Force Microscope to learning advanced techniques and applications.

Atomic Force Microscopy Tutorials

Atomic Force Microscopy Fundamentals Explained in Short Animated Video Tutorials

Learn how an atomic force microscope works. In these simple tutorials, you will learn the basics of how an AFM is operated, and the technology that makes it possible. The underlying theory and design of AFM is also covered, including the differences between vibrating (tapping) and non-vibrating (contact) modes. Choose a featured tutorial below, or select from the menu to the left.

Atomic Force Microscopy Technology

The technology behind atomic force microscopes has been developed by pioneering scientists and engineers at leading technology firms, government labs, and universities throughout the world. AFMs continue to evolve and advance as scientists require higher resolution topographic scanning

Atomic Force Microscopy Webinars

Atomic force microscope webinars are pre-recorded video sessions with our AFM Experts, covering a range of topics from image processing and sample preparation to advantages and disadvantages of AFM. Learn how to gain the best performance from your atomic force microscope with instructional videos on the best operating practices and techniques of AFM

Atomic Force Microscopy Videos

AFM Video Demonstrations

Atomic force microscope videos provide a closer look at our AFMs, including full demonstrations, introductory AFM videos and more. For a more in-depth understanding of how an atomic force microscope works, as well as some helpful AFM tips and pointers, click a video below.


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