Atomic Force Microscopy Fundamentals Explained in Short Animated Video Tutorials

Learn how an atomic force microscope works. In these simple tutorials, you will learn the basics of how an AFM is operated, and the technology that makes it possible. The underlying theory and design of AFM is also covered, including the differences between vibrating (tapping) and non-vibrating (contact) modes. Choose a featured tutorial below, or select from the menu to the left.

Generating an Image by Atomic Force Microscope

1.1.1 Generating an Image

Atomic Force Microscope Photodetector

1.2.1. Photodetector

Atomic Force Microscope Position Sensing Device

1.2.2. Position Sensing Device

Light Lever and Atomic Force Microscope Cantilever Deflection

1.2.3. Light Lever

Probe Shape-Hole

1.5.2. Probe Shape-hole

Probe Shape-Bump

1.5.3. Probe Shape-bump