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Atomic Force Microscopy DNA images

Atomic Force Microscpe DNA imageThe answer is YES! Ending Soon - Opportunity to win a TT AFM

In January, AFMWorkshop announced a ground-breaking opportunity to win a TT AFM.  Entrance to the "Win an AFM" Giveaway closes in July! If you haven't already entered, now is the time.

AFM Workshop is giving away an Atomic Force Microscope: This month's product feature is the TT AFM. Please follow our social media and subscribe to our newsletter below in order not to miss the opportunity to get FREE Atomic Force Microscope in the future.

This unique Giveaway allows winners to select from either:

AFM kit and assembly workshop, with complimentary travel to California as guests of AFMWorkshop.  The winner will learn to assemble and operate their  new TT AFM as a participant in AFMWorkshop's unique 5-day TT AFM Assembly Workshop;


an assembled TT AFM, along with a 2-day on-site installation and training by a skilled member of the AFMWorkshop staff.

We invite you to review the capabilities of the TT AFM on our website where you will see TT AFM images, videos, and complete product specifications.

AND, of course, we hope you'll click here to submit an entry form for the TT AFM Giveaway.

Plus, you can "like" AFMWorkshop on Facebook to double your entries and chances of winning. We wish you the best of luck in this exciting opportunity!

Product Feature: The TT AFM

TableTop Atomic Force Microscope for DNA imaging

The TT AFM is a table-top atomic force microscope that includes everything required for measuring high-resolution images: AFM stage, EBox, control computer, cables, software, manuals, probes, certification, scanner, video microscope and tools.

Advanced features of the microscope include a high-resolution video optic capable of 1.5µ resolution, and linearized peizoelectric scanners with a noise factor of 0.1 nm. Standard modes with every TT AFM are non-vibrating (NV) mode and vibrating (V) modes for making topography scans. Additional modes included with the product are lateral force imaging as well as phase mode imaging.

In order to see all available AFM Modes please click here.

To see all available AFM Accessories please click here.

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