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We're in the final stretch of the WIN an AFM Giveaway, with just under two weeks left until the entry is closed on July 13, 2013.

To reward those of you who didn't put off entering until the last minute, here's a special opportunity to double your entries:

Simply re-enter the Giveaway, using the same contact information as your original entry. Yes! Vote twice for yourself! Here's the Entry Form.

Do you want to triple your chances? If you haven't done so already, you can also "Like" AFMWorkshop on Facebook. Again, make sure that your Facebook name matches your "WIN an AFM" Giveaway Entry Name.

Whether you're entered once, twice, or three times, we'll be in touch with you soon to provide more information regarding the live drawing on July 15, 2013. Remember, you will need to be "present" in the online audience to win (you can download the Giveaway Rules at the bottom of the Giveaway Form).

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The Giveaway allows winners to select either complimentary travel to California as guests of AFMWorkshop where they will learn to assemble and operate their own TT AFM as a participant in AFMWorkshop's unique 5-day TT AFM Workshop; or winners can receive an assembled TT AFM along with a 2-day on-site installation and training by a skilled member of the AFMWorkshop staff.

We invite you to review the capabilities of the TT AFM on our website where you will see TT AFM images, videos, and complete product specifications.

Good luck in the Giveaway and with your research!


Paul West Ph.D


About TT AFM

The TT AFM is table-top atomic force microscope that includes everything required for measuring high-resolution images: AFM stage, EBox, control
computer, cables, software, manuals, probes, certification, scanner, video microscope and tools.

Advanced features of the microscope include a high-resolution video optic capable of 1.5μ resolution,and linearized peizoelectric scanners with a noise floor of 0.1 nm.Standard modes with every TT AFM are non-vibrating(NV) mode and vibrating(V) modes for making topography scans. Additional modes included with the product are lateral force imaging as well as
phase mode imaging.

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