AFM Workshop

Unique AFM training

AFMWorkshop is committed to providing exceptional training for our customers. Our programs include: 

Assembly Workshops - customers build and learn to operate their own AFM during this 5 day workshop. Each day begins with robust seminars on AFM theory and each afternoon involves attendees building their AFMs from the ground up.   
AFM Applications Workshop - a unique 5 day training and education program covering all topics essential to successful AFM operation. In addition to learning a variety of techniques for sample preparation and image acquisition, attendees participate in seminars on image process, imaging modes, and image artifacts. Techniques acquired in the application workshops are viable for all AFM makes and models.

Animations and Videos - available free of charge via or in our customer-only forum, these multimedia educational tools help new users understand how an AFM operates and illustrate how to measure images on test patterns. Current Animated tutorials include an Introduction to AFM and a review of Vibrating Mode
Online Training Sessions - customers can request a specialized online training session to learn how to better operate their AFM's for a small fee. 
AFM Book - Dr. Paul West, founder of  AFMWorkshop, is co-author of the leading introductory & overview text on AFM. Much of the training material used by the AFMWorkshop is derived from this book. 
On-site installation and training - customers can purchase a two day on on-site installation and training program with their new instruments. 
Training materials - all training materials used by AFMWorkshop are available to our customers, enabling them to share concepts and techniques with new AFM operators at their home facility.

If you have any questions about AFMWorkshop's Exceptional Training, or if you'd like to discuss how we can help your facility meet its research needs, please
contact us.

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