AFM Workshop

DNA imaged with AFM

Training and time on the instrument are essential components to success with AFMs. In addition to its' Applications Workshop (featured above), AFMWorkshop offers a 5-day intensive on how to build, operate, and repair a TT AFM. Two upcoming workshops are in July and September, 2014.

The TT AFM is table-top atomic force microscope that includes everything required for measuring high-resolution images: AFM stage, EBox, control computer, cables, software, manuals, probes, certification, scanner, video microscope and tools.

The microscope's advanced features include a high-resolution video optic capable of 1.5µ resolution, and linearized peizoelectric scanners with a noise factor of 0.1 nm. Standard modes with every TT AFM are non-vibrating (NV) mode and vibrating (V) modes for making topography scans. Additional modes included with the product are lateral force imaging as well as phase mode imaging.

Extra purchase add-ons include liquid scanning with an environmental cell or a dunk and scan cell, Conductive AFM, Magnetic Force Microscopy, Lithography, and Advanced Force/Distance curves.

So, why take the time to build it yourself? Through building your own AFM you:

  • Are better able to operate the microscope, gain optimal performance and acquire the best images;
  • Can repair the microscope because you know all the parts and fittings used in its construction;
  • May easily modify the instrument to create unique instrumentation for your specific research.

Beyond these advantages, it's a lot of fun to build your own AFM! Transitioning within two days from a table full of parts and pieces, to scanning your own images, is a magical experience.

The TT AFM is suitable for imaging atomic terraces on silicon, 1nm-diameter nanoparticles, DNA, and many other demanding applications. It is used by Researchers, Educators, and Process Development Engineers.

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