AFM Workshop

Probes and Samples with AFM Curriculum



Objectives of the AFM Curriculum include:

  • Learn the basic operating principles behind atomic force microscopy.
  • Understand and operate the main modes of AFM: contact mode, tapping mode, force spectroscopy.
  • Operate an AFM to measure topography and compositional differences of a sample on the nanoscale.
  • Conduct basic analysis on images, including statistics and cross-sectional measurements.


Student Guide
Covers the background of AFM operation, modes, and application. Includes a step-by-step series of labs on contact mode, tapping mode, and force spectroscopy. This section also includes a pre-lab quiz for students as well as suggested analysis questions to be answered in the lab report write-ups.

Accompanying Teacher Manual
Accompaniment to student guide, assists teacher/teaching assistant to help students through labs. Includes answers to the pre-lab quiz and detailed answers with sample images to all the suggested analysis questions.

AFM Sample Kit
A series of 4 prepared, mounted samples ready to be inserted into the AFM instrument. Student guide curriculum directs the students through experiments on these samples.

AFM Probe Kit
A series of 8 probes of different spring constants to be used in the curriculum.

Laboratory Experiments detailed through the curriculum are:

  1. Measuring Roughness of Thin Films
  2. Measuring Compositional Heterogeneity of Everyday Materials
  3. Metrological Measurements
  4. Probing Mechanical Properties of a Substrate

For More Detailed information about the New Undergraduate AFM Curriculum, follow this link to our Learning Center.

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