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AFMWorkshop 5 year anniversary


While success fuels growth, AFMWorkshop's fundamental operating principles remain firmly rooted in providing the perfect balance between the highest quality of instrumentation and the the lowest possible selling price. We cut out a lot of "fat" in the manufacturing and marketing arena by taking advantage of the latest technologies and by leveraging 30 years of experience in the AFM industry.

Our driving force comes from our belief in the potential of Atomic Force Microscopy; a potential that is significantly under-utilized by the research, industry and education arenas. What are the barriers? Why are more researchers, industries, and educators not harnessing the power of AFM? We believe that one of the answers is "price"; that's why we designed AFMWorkshop processes and manufacturing exclusively to provide the highest quality instruments for the lowest price.

As a company, we continue working diligently to remove the traditional high-price barrier. By creating AFMs that are capable of quality, high-resolution imaging for a fraction of their traditional price, AFMWorkshop seeks to enable innovation, discovery, and precision for people and for companies around the world.


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