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AFMWorkshop has hundreds of customers across the globe, and we had the opportunity to visit with our customers at the Oak Crest Institute of Science in Monrovia, California. Oak Crest is a non-profit organization centered around chemistry and biology research and training for students of all levels of education from high school to post graduate. Their mission is to cultivate the next generation of research scientists through various academic laboratory programs including environmental science, biomedical research, and fundamental chemistry and biology research programs. Some of their research areas include drug delivery, medical instrumentation, biofilms, air and water, microbiology and more.

We met with Chris Buser, a faculty member at Oak Crest and the primary user of an

AFMWorkshop TT-2 AFM

Chris is involved with research into biofluids, biofilms, and medical instrument innovation. In addition to research, the faculty and researchers are very involved with the education of young students and upcoming scientists. These students get opportunities to learn the theory and operation of various scientific instruments including SEM, TEM, and AFM, as well as their application to research conducted at Oak Crest.

TT-2 AFM at Oak CrestAtomic Force Microscope for biomaterials

When describing the use and value of the TT-2 AFM for his research, Chris made it clear that the TT-2 is

"...the most inexpensive way to do high-resolution imaging on biomaterials."

"...inexpensive, robust, and relatively simple; it took me just two weeks to learn the AFM."

Oak Crest is continuously training new students on instruments and techniques including atomic force microscopy. Chris noted that anywhere from two to six people will use the AFM at a given time, and that

" takes just one week to teach students to scan"

Hands-on training is a central theme of the mission at Oak Crest, which they integrate into their ongoing research and service projects. Oak Crest supports the community by providing easy access to high-resolution imaging techniques, as well as services from simple imaging to complete sample preparation, multi-scale correlative imaging and data analysis. To learn more about the Oak Crest mission, services, and research, visit their page at

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