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September 2018

Basic Atomic Force Microscope for routine scanning and education

September, 2018: AFMWorkshop is proud to announce the all-new B AFM, an affordable atomic force microscope ideal for routine scanning applications and for educational settings. The B AFM is a fully capable AFM with a resolution below 500 picometers, along with a new 7 Step Scanning Software that breaks down AFM scanning into simple, easy to follow steps. This allows for straightforward training and scanning, perfect for students learning the theory and operation of atomic force microscopes. At a price point of $19,495, the B AFM has the highest performance to price ratio in the industry.

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Basic AFM (B AFM) for Routine Scanning and Education

The B AFM is a basic atomic force microscope designed with quality and affordability in mind. AFMWorkshop intends to increase accessibility to atomic force microscopy by designing AFM options for all budgets. Key features of the B AFM include:

Atomic force microscope for affordable price

  • Intuitive Light Lever and Stage Interface
  • Easy-to-Use 7-Step Scanning Software
  • Linearized Piezoelectric Scanner
  • High-Quality Video Microscope
  • Standard AFM Scanning Modes
  • Acoustic Vibration Isolation Enclosure
  • Simple Probe Holder/Exchange Tool
  • Advanced Scanning Options
  • Affordable Price Point for All Budgets

The B AFM is most ideal for routine scanning and education applications, and is a fully capable atomic force microscope. The 7-Step Scanning software offers a unique training opportunity for new users, as it walks them through each step necessary for obtaining high-quality AFM images. The B AFM is situated inside of a vibration isolation enclosure, giving resolutions below 500 picometers without any additional vibration isolation equipment; the vibration enclosure also has useful storage compartments for probes, tools, and samples. The B AFM is compatible with the AFMWorkshop Control Software, used on more advanced AFMs manufactured by AFMWorkshop. To learn more about the B AFM, read More Details below, and visit the B AFM Web Page.

More Details about the Basic AFM

Atomic force microscopy scanning software

7 Step Scanning Software

The all-new 7-Stned as a step-by-step guide to obtaining AFM images. Guided steps include: Mode, Laser, Photodetector, Resonance (Vibrating Mode Only), Tip Approach/Retract, and Scanning. The 7-Step Scanning Software also has an option for Force/Distance scanning, and a mode that enables all 7 steps at once (for more advanced users). Additionep Scanning Software is the standard operating software for the B AFM, and is desigally, the B AFM is compatible with the more flexible AFM Control Software used on more advanced systems from AFMWorkshop. 

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AFM Integrated Stage and Electronics

Integrated Stage and Electronics

A compact design offers an integrated stage and electronics within a vibration isolation enclosure. The B AFM stage is designed to simplify key operational steps including: Aligning the Light Lever, Exchanging Probes, and Exchanging Samples. The scanner used for the B AFM is equipped with linear strain gauges and has an X, Y range of 50 microns, and a Z range of 17 microns. Samples up to 200 mm X 200 mm wide and 5 mm high can be scanned with the B AFM, making it ideal for routine scanning of most samples. 

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B AFM Probe Holder/Exchange Tool

Easy-to-Use Probe Holder

A simplified probe holder and modified light lever design makes probe exchange and laser alignment quicker and easier for users, even with limited experience. The probe is held in a predetermined position identified with the optical video microscope, in line with the laser. This eliminates inaccuracies and wasted time when aligning the laser to the probe. 

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The B AFM has everything needed for basic and routine AFM scanning on a variety of samples. It is ideal for scientists and engineers that want to visualize nanostructures on surfaces, as well as for educators that want to train students about AFM operation and its applications.With a price point in the range of most AFM researchers, AFMWorkshop hopes to expand the use of AFM in research, industry, and education. Click here or below to view the B AFM Datasheet PDF or to contact AFMWorkshop today; and be sure to follow us on social media.

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