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Customer Support and Technical Service

AFMWorkshop Customer Support & Technical Service is oriented appropriately toward two differing user groups: Industry / Process Development & Process Control; and Research / Education. We understand our Industry users' need for exceptional turn-around time and provide rapid resolution should any problems arise. For researchers and educational users, we know that the actual process of - and involvement in - problem resolution can sometimes be just as important as the resolution itself.

Due to AFMWorkshop's world-class AFM training program, our customers can usually troubleshoot and service their own AFMs. However, in the event that additional support is needed, AFMWorkshops' Service Engineers are ready to help. We provide technical service via phone, email, live web training, remote internet access and operation of customer instruments, and on-site servicing.

All AFMWorkshop instruments come with a robust one year warranty. As of April 1, 2016, North American customers receive a Two Year Warranty with the purchase of their new AFM from AFMWorkshop.  Extended time service contracts are also available for purchase. For more information about our service and troubleshooting process:

Download the Extended Service Warranty PDF

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AFMWorkshop provides the finest Customer Support and Technical Service. We are distinguished in the field of Atomic Force Microscopes by our 100% commitment to the scientists, educators and nanotechnology researchers using our products. With more than 30 years of experience designing and using AFM, STM & SPM technology, we've met thousands of users who've shared their collective frustrations with the typical neglect or wait times involved in service and support from most instrument companies. We strive to turn this collective frustration into a historical artifact.

AFMWorkshop has changed the paradigm for AFM instrument design, pricing and service. Our transparency and user-orientation means AFMWorkshop customers learn the intricacies and successful operation of their instruments and can produce world-class images.


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