AFM Workshop

Atomic Force Microscopes for OEMs

AFMWorkshop actively partners with OEMs. If your company needs an Atomic Force Microscope for a product and requires an AFM platform, we will work with you in customizing our instrumentation to your product requirements. Discounts on AFM instrumentation are available for volume purchases.

The OEM-AFM stage is intended for customers who want to have an Atomic Force Microscope as a complement to their existing product line but who do not want to invest in developing their own AFM. Typically the OEM-AFM would be integrated with an existing product, however with appropriate adapters, the OEM-AFM can be used as a stand alone Atomic Force Microscope.

In addition to the OEM-AFM stage, AFMWorkshop's staff work together with OEMs on many new product designs, options and features. AFMWorkshop can provide expertise, rebranding, sales channels, and volume pricing discounts.


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